the story how "you know it's love when" (aka YKILW) started

YKILW is the love baby of smallspoon and the love of her life - let's call him "mister".  one day, as mister was filling out a job application, he looked up at her and told her "i can't wait to put my emergency contact as you", with the most genuine and loving look on his face.  at that moment, smallspoon thought to herself this is what love feels like.  

since then, smallspoon had kept a private blog to keep a diary of all the moments mister has given her that feeling, with the intention to give this to him as a gift on their wedding day.

however, one day smallspoon's secret was leaked and mister discovered her little project.  smallspoon was so so so upset she wanted to terminate the blog because it had lost it's original meaning as "the best wedding gift - ever".  but mister hugs smallspoon and tells her "well now, instead of it being your project, let it be OUR project.  let me be the one to inspire to write more..."

since then, mister has kept his word and continues to give smallspoon a reason to tell the world how "you know it's love when..."

why make it a public blog?

now the question is, why didn't smallspoon keep it a private blog, since it's such an intimate subject?

one day, smallspoon was having a dinner with her friend.  he was nearing the big 3-0 and was having trouble finding love.  he explained that he has been in a number of relationships short and long, and sometimes he thinks it's love but realizes later on that it isn't.  how, he asked, does smallspoon know when that person is "the one"?

smallspoon humbled by the question, could only try her best to explain to him what she had with mister.  as she explained moments and scenarios, she realized she was just quoting her private blog!  that is when she felt inspired to share with the rest of the world what love looks like in real life, stripped of hollywood fantasies.

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smallspoon is a sucker for love and wants to show the world what love looks like from her point of view.  she hopes that when people read it, they would smile in agreement or cringe in digust (too sweet to handle!).  see what true love looks like from this lovely couple from hongkong and from guest posts around the world!

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